With The New Day Comes
New Strength and New Thoughts

Eleanor Roosevelt

If You Can Dream It, You
Can Do It

Walt Disney

The Secret of Getting Ahead
Is Getting Started

Mark Twain


Life coaching became a serious profession in the 1980’s. There is no one single place or origin for the beginning of life coaches. It is an extension of sports coaching and business coaching. The concept of helping others to improve themselves has been part of human interaction and progress since the beginning of civilization. Business executives began noticing a team of athletes on a field who were put together and led by a coach. This gave rise to the idea of a business coach. It didn’t take long for individual people to recognize the importance of modern day life and the use of a life coach. Today life coaching is a rapidly growing business.

Above Average Group - AAG was started by professionals in the self-improvement area of goalsetting, leadership skills and organizational skills in the 1970’s. Working with and coaching business owners and entrepreneurs, they used the motto, “Above Average Group”.

Today, the Above Average Group provides resources for businesses and individuals to empower their lives and careers. These resources are tools used by AAG Life Coaches to help the coaching process with proven techniques and methods to understand obstacles and challenges in life coaching sessions. All AAG Life Coaches must go through AAG training and pass exams to receive their AAG Life Coach Certified Certificate.


Our Above Average Group (OURAAG) is an organized process of inspiring you to focus on the correct path for personal growth to empower you to achieve all your dreams and goals.  Learning the correct way to set goals and actually achieve them, organize your priorities and literally understand why and prepare for the lessons of life for your journey to success and understand mental toughness is exactly what we do.

If you believe you are average, you will inevitably remain average.  However, when you learn how to overcome obstacles in your life, doors will start to open.

A partnership between an AAG life coach and yourself creates a thought provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential with the use of the AAG courses.  Your goals, priorities, lessons of life, and mental toughness will help you convince yourself that being average is a limit you impose on yourself.

Our Success Courses and the services of a Professional Certified AAG Life Coach are designed for you to take a more active role in your life.  No one can define success for you.  What is vital to understand is that if you don’t sit down to think about what success means to you and define your own success, then it will be defined by someone else.  Put your learning into action and change your life.


You learn to focus on the important things in your life.
You will be self-confident and enthusiastic.
You will make good choices.
You work out what you really want.
You receive motivation to put a plan into action.
It teaches you to focus.
It gives you exactly what to aim for.
You take control of your life.


If you ignore the fact that your car requires an oil change, what do you think will happen to your car?  The answer is simple.  Sooner or later your car will have engine failure.  Do you ever wonder why you feel unsatisfied and don’t perform at your full potential?  Like your car, we all need tune-ups.  In many cases people need a complete overhaul.  Most people simply never continue to learn and stay in the game long enough to win.  Every person I have ever met needs maintenance for achieving success.  Without maintenance, people give up.  What is important to understand is everyone needs personal maintenance.  Human maintenance starts with setting goals properly, choosing your priorities, learning lessons from other successful people, understanding mental toughness, and changing your belief system about yourself.  You need to learn how to unleash the greatness inside of you.  Your beginning of your life’s journey of success begins with an AAG life coach and AAG courses.

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