You have the ability to discipline your thoughts and the power to re-create your future by the way you think. It is exciting to create a new belief system about yourself. Are you procrastinating moving forward, working, and succeeding? Is this procrastination your fear of being embarrassed or scrutinized by others? Or are you procrastinating about getting out of your comfort zone? Your failure is controlling you!


This book is your own personal game plan to accomplish a college baseball scholarship. The information in this book will give you, the reader, a complete understanding on how the recruiting process works to play college baseball and be awarded a baseball scholarship.


Control Your Money is designed for young adults, college bound students, middle aged and senior aged people to learn the necessary steps to create a healthy financial life.

There is no better time, than right now, to learn, understand and accept the responsibilities of a better financial future.

This is a “must read” for all college bound students.  It will help every young adult understand how to pay attention to their finances.  It explains the necessary steps to live a great financial life.  (15 vital steps)  It is also perfect for anyone who needs help, advice and solutions on their financial affairs


Learning and Understanding the value and process of a college life coach career is exciting and rewarding. The purpose of a college life coach is to bring clarity to high school students and their mom & dads about the college process. (Our goal is the same as the student and their parent's goal, find the best college for the lowest price)College life coaches are trained and certified and become experts with the knowledge of scholarships, grants, endowments, financial aid, admissions and the entire college process. You will be connected to AAG, a solid team of entrepreneurs, working part-time or full-time as college life coaches. The staff of AAG college life coaches, will provide 100% support to all AAG college life coaches. As an AAG college life coach, you will have a unique opportunity with eight ways to earn income. If you have the desire to lead a more fulfilling life and have the mindset to help people solve problems and become an independent entrepreneur, a career as a college life coach is a perfect opportunity.

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